Friday, April 4, 2014


Our reconnection had been sudden, like our meeting at my best friend Chloe’s wedding. Our nights together had been small and personal, like the pub. Our breakup had been harsh, like the weather outside. When Harry walked into the pub, tuxedo ruffled, tie undone, hair in wild bunches, I knew that the meeting we were about to have would change our lives forever. He ordered a small black coffee from the bartender and sat down across from me at the small table. We looked into each other’s eyes for the first time in three years.

“Did I drag you away from something important?” I said, gesturing to the tuxedo. I tried smiling a small smile, but it ended up looking more like a frown.

“I’m supposed to get married today, Anna.” Harry told me in a quiet voice. “But, you said you wanted to talk, so let’s talk.”

On cue, the bartender walked into the back (to get more alcohol or coffee beans or something) and the petite teenager on the laptop in the corner left the pub without a word. Both of this was done to give us more privacy. We continued.

“I loved you, Harry. I think I still do. More than you could ever imagine. I know you love me too. But missing your wedding to talk to me, it’s not that important. Why would you do such a thing?”

“I already told Blair about us meeting. We’ve decided to go next week to Las Vegas and do a cheap wedding. Nothing fancy.” he said.

Hearing her name, I could picture Blair and all of the things she had done to me: showing up with one of my exes at my eighteenth birthday party and kissing in front of me, hiring the assassin to go after my politician father, and now taking away my true love, Harry Watts.

“Blair? How could you marry that bitch? After everything she has done to me, to us? She tried to have my father murdered just so her father could fill the final spot in the president’s cabinet. Harry, I love you. I always have. And this whole time, our whole lives, we’ve felt a connection; I know you feel it too.” I said.

I put my hand on his, and he did not shrink away. Instead, he leaned in closer to my face.

“Let’s do the right thing, Harry.” I said, “Let’s go to the chapel in Vegas, let’s forget about Blair and my father and everyone and everything else. It’s time, Harry. We’ve gone through the ups and downs of a relationship so many times…I think we’re ready. Let’s get married.”

And for the final time, we kissed and walked out of the pub, heading for Nevada, heading for a better life. The theme music played us out…


“Cut!” the director barked.

As Paul Foreman and Danielle Edwards, who had played Harry Watts and Anna Brown respectively for the past twelve years on the teen-drama “Fish” (or “Freshman” outside of the U.S.) walked off the set, they were treated to applause from the other cast members and crew for a final job well-done.

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