Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Man Verses Temptation


“It is so red and juicy,

This fruit is a delight,

Would God really care if we took a quick bite?”


“Listen to temptation,

Would it ever lead you astray?

He just sits in Heaven, making rules up all day.”


“Serpent, though thoughtful,

How do we know

If you aren’t of fire, deep down below?”

“If I was of cinder,

Of ash, or of flame,

Why would I be here, in this place void of pain?”

“You seem to speak the truth

My fellow child of God,

Come and join us, do not hang there so odd!”

“I am afraid I cannot eat

That food so divine,

I will spoil myself, when night falls, I dine.”

“Dear Adam, what if we eat,

And He doesn’t pardon,

But instead throws us out, right out of the garden?”

“Sweet Eve, you were once of

The same vein as this fruit,

But when I claimed you, He did not dare give me the boot.”

“Eat, dear friends,

The gift once so forbidden,

Do it quickly, before he sees you, while you are hidden!”

“Why must we eat

Under the shadow of the tree,

I thought you were as holy as He?”

“Precious Eve!

You should really try this wonderful meal,

It is the most heavenly thing my mouth ever did feel!”

“It is a shame you have left the sunshine,

And welcomed the rain,

For I have tricked you! I am of the darkest domain!”

“No! Adam, we have forsaken

God’s singular rule!

We have eaten the fruit, how I feel like a fool!”

“What will we do?

How can we run from the thunder

Of the gathering storm from our one fatal blunder?”

“Flawed creations!

Nothing can be done

To hide from the one who gave you the sun!”

“You menace!

Why trick those of His holy place,

Why not torture the souls right in front of your face?”

“How bored I do get

From ruling the dark,

But to torture His beings: oh my! What a lark!”

“Leave us be

You creature most foul,

Go back to your home of Earth’s deepest bowel!”

“Very well, poor children,

Though prepare to cower in fear

To face the consequences of your actions here!”

“O’ my beautiful companion,

I wish this a fib!

I wish I was alone, I wish you were my rib!”

“To spare thee

Of most certain doom,

I’d rather I leave Eden, and face the gloom!”

“Perhaps, sweet Eve,

There is another way,

Maybe man will still thrive for another day.”

“I wish you right, gentle Adam,

For I see the stairs

From the kingdom of Heaven, they are present, they are there!”

“Take my hand, perfect creature,

I see Him descending,

Let us pray for mercy, our damage needs mending.”

“To face our punishment

Our sins need atoned,

Let us brace ourselves for life among the unknown.”

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